Privacy Policy

Last updated: 12:36 Dec, 12 2023 (GMT).

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to any personal information that you provide to us (“User Information”) through the website at (“Website”). This policy is designed to help you trust in the privacy and security of your personal information.

You” refers to you – the user of the Website. “We” refers to Tragodi. “Website” is defined as above. “User” means an individual or entity using the Website. “User Information” means personal information that you may provide to us via the Website.

We only process personal data according to the terms in this Privacy Policy page.

Data Collection

When using the Website, you may encounter some pages or items requesting User Information. This User Information is only used for the purposes stated at the collection point in this Privacy Policy page.

By providing your User Information, You agree that we may retain your User Information or any third party on our behalf.

We reserve the right to perform analyses and statistics about user behavior and characteristics, to measure interest and use of the Website. In addition, it will be used to inform advertisers about such information as well as the number of users who have been exposed to or clicked on their advertisements.


We reserve the right to provide your User Information, to send You information about us and companies or organizations related to us for purposes (but not limited to): Advertising and marketing about products and services or market research.

We are not responsible for the privacy policies of any third party when they request your User Information. Therefore, You should check the privacy policies of third parties.


Like most other websites, we use cookies to track the usage and trends of the website, to improve the quality and customize the user experience on the Website.

We may also use cookies for advertising/marketing on the Website and may allow some of our business partners to use cookies on your browser for such purposes.

Cookies are a small text file stored on your computer, mobile phone, or other device, and allow us and/or our business partners to recognize You when You return to the Website, on the same computer and web browser.

You can see an overview of the types of cookies used by us and/or our business partners below:

Essential operations: These cookies are necessary to allow us to operate the Website.

Performance: These cookies are used by us or our business partners to analyze or track the activity of the pages to optimize website performance.

Advertising/Marketing: These cookies are used by us and our business partners to distribute relevant advertising to users when using the Website. These cookies can also help us and our business partners adjust advertising and measure the effectiveness of advertising.


Security is very important to us. Secure Sockets Layer (“SSL”) technology is used to protect your User Information. We apply additional security procedures to protect the safety, integrity and availability of your User Information.

Your User Information will not be stored longer than necessary for the purposes stated at the collection point or in this Privacy Policy page.

Update and Deletion

You may request us to update your User Information that we have previously collected. Furthermore, you may also request us to delete your User Information from our database. The request to update or delete your User Information can be made by sending us an email at: We will comply with your request and notify you via email.

We may change or update this Privacy Policy at any time without prior notice. Please visit this Privacy Policy page to update our latest policies.


Any inquiries about this policy can be sent to the email address: