Ha Giang

Perched on the northernmost frontier of Vietnam, Ha Giang is a land of sheer cliffs and cultural mosaic. Traverse Ha Giang’s realm, where adventures range from the geological wonders of Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark to the breathtaking Ma Pi Leng Pass. Wander amidst the Quan Ba Twin Mountains, where nature’s artistry is on full display. Culinary explorers can savor the authentic flavors of Ha Giang, from the hearty Thang Co (horse meat stew) to the simple, yet satisfying Men Men (steamed corn flour). Whether you’re looking for the comfort of well-appointed hotels, the charm of local homestays, or the camaraderie of hostels, Ha Giang’s accommodations are as diverse as its landscape. A journey here promises a tapestry of experiences, woven together by the threads of Ha Giang’s unique heritage and beauty.

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